Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ms. Doll appears as Marie Antoinette, and how to make paper ruffles

You can find her in her full glory today at Altered Pages.  If you visit there, be sure to leave a comment on that post to be included in the draw for the June goody bag, full of creative treats!

She has a full length, ruffled dress in this particular ensemble--the ruffles are made from book pages.  To create something similar, you need the following:
book pages, ruler, a bamboo skewer (or you can use the tip of your scissors, but I don't like to get them sticky), cardstock cut to the appropriate shape (in this case, a new skirt for dolly), and a glue stick.

1.  First, use the straight edge to tear strips of book pages to the desired width.

2.  Beginning at the bottom of the skirt, add a thick line of glue stick.

3.  Using the skewer, scrunch and smush a paper strip into the glue, forming a gathered ruffle.

4.  Repeat until you have all the ruffle you want!  Here, I trimmed the top of the skirt, to even out the top.  Now it's ready to spritz with spray inks for a little color, or even to leave as it is.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love this wonderful Marie, Trisha - what a great job. LOVE the skirt!

trisha too said...

The skirt turned out a little more Carmen Miranda than Marie, but a peplum add-on helped make her a little more French!!