Sunday, March 17, 2013

atc sized handbound book

Been working on a new tiny book for the current travel theme at
Blockheads Paper Arts, and it seems like the perfect thing to show
for my latest Altered Arts Magazine share.  This atc sized book is
made from monoprinted papers, with an origami wallet fold.  The
cover is stitched on--okay, not gonna lie, I'm having a LOT of fun
with this one, so get ready for an onslaught of photos . . .

Ready?  Here we go:
front cover, but you can see it's on it's side--using the Stargazer set.
here is the back of the cover, still more Stargazer stamps

inside front cover, with a layer of vellum stitched in
I like how you can see the reverse image when the page is turned

center layout--you can see the stitching and pockets

You can probably tell these are monoprinted papers--some were made
using a Gelli Plate, and some were made using the simple monoprinting
technique from my article in the fall issue of Altered Arts.  There is also
a nice sheen to the papers, resulting from a misting of Fireworks.

Now here is a extra fun thing about this particular book form--it has a
couple of "secret" pockets on the sides, which can either be utilized, or,
if they don't suit your purpose, sealed up.
super secret side pockets
 Well that was fun--for me, anyway--I hope you enjoyed it, too!
I'll be working on those atcs to fill the pockets, and share them
with you next week, okay?


June Macfarlane said...

Wow you clever cookie ! Thats brilliantly done, thanks for sharing and it looks absolutely stunning too
hugs June x

Annie said...

Wow your album. The stamped images and background are fabulous. Look forward to seeing what you create for the inside. Have a fab Sunday

Annie x

Suze Bain said...

Hi Trisha, what a super little book, I love the vellum page and your lavender bingo card is gorgeous!! Xx

ionabunny said...

Love that stamped vellum page. Look forward to seeing your ATC's

Netty said...

loving your pretty book. Hugs Annette x

Lynn Stevens said...

What a fun book and who can resist secret pockets!
Congrats on your being published. Awesome news!!!
Hugs Lynn

Dianne said...

Fabulous book Trisha, I love the colors and the stamps, love the origami,thanks for sharing this wonderful book you created

Anita Houston said...

Awesome idea!!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

How awesome is this amazing project- it looks like it would be a bit hard to make a book in the ATC size, but I guess it is just like making ATC's together. I gotta try this!

Cameron said...

Beautiful book! Love the vellum in there and the look of the papers printed and misted!

We got our wonderful package on Friday! Thank you!! There is so much in there that I can definately use! Love stamps and ric rack...the flowers are perfect, too! Maggie adopted the little book for her Barbies to read and claimed the chocolate right away....haha! She wants to use the shells for a craft.

Also, how did you know Constant Comment is one of my all time favorite teas?! Those have been enjoyed already :)

Thank you again! What a treat!

Terry said...

This is such a brilliant idea and equally as fabulous! Love this! Enjoy!

trisha too said...

Shelly--I have to say, it's a little bit bigger than atc sized, as the pockets hold the actual atcs. So it's a little bit larger.

Almost atc sized!


2amscrapper said...

fantastic project--love this idea and what you did with it.

Debi said...

Delish!!! love this, Debi x

AJ said...

I love you wonderful creation, and thanks for the little comment you left on my blog!!

Michele said...

it is just darling! beautiful work! xo

Journaler said...

What a wonderful book. Thanks for posting. I hadn't seen the Fireworks spray inks before so thanks for mentioning them as well. Are instructions for this book form available? I love the small book forms.

trisha too said...

The directions for this book form are readily available--I originally found it (but in a larger format) in Handmade Books by Alisa Golden, and adapted it to a smaller size.

There are lots of places on the web with origami wallet tutorials. This book is a little different, in that it's smaller, and has a stitched on cover, but other than that--same basic form. :)

Sharon said...

Wow looks great!

Shar said...

What a fabulous idea! Gorgeous!