Thursday, November 03, 2011

welcome to my world.

This morning I was privvy to two sons discussing how
the furnace for one of their rooms is, in reality, a
little old man who lives somewhere in the basement--he
burns logs from the yard in a random guess as to how
warm the thermostat is set.

Said discussion was accompanied by a lively rendition
of The Star Spangled Banner, played by our daughter.

On the kazoo.

Welcome to my world.

What's happening with you this Thursday?


1CardCreator said...

Remember these precious moments as the grow up too fast!

Electra said...

Thanks for the smile. Even though it's Friday, I CAN say that I had a good Thursday. Maybe not as interesting as yours, but good, nonetheless.

Lynn Stevens said...

hahahahaha outta the mouths of babes!