Friday, May 27, 2011

What's Growing Friday . . .

Okay, yes, I made that up--as far as I know,
there is no official "What's Growing Friday."
But if you leave me a comment, I'd be delighted to
stop by and see what's growing in your yard (or
art room, or sewing room, or kitchen!)

Here are some of the things growing in our yard
right now--at least what has survived the storm beat
down of the past few days. It was clear yesterday,
for part of the day, anyway, and I got a few pictures
in while enjoying the sun.

This patch of iris is thriving--the burgundy ones
were already bloomed out, and the yellows and
variegated ones got hit hard by the storms, but
these guys are hanging in there.

The wild rose is blooming, and has been for a while
now--the bushes are full and fragrant, scenting our
walking "trail."

The rhododendron was really blown around, and there
are only a few blooms left at this point--but the bush
was beautiful this year, really full of flowers!

The Black Medic is starting to cover the ground in
areas--cheerful little yellow blooms, and, if you
are so inclined, you can gather the tiny black
seeds they produce and grind them into a flour.

The daisies and clover are just starting to bloom,

and yes, unfortunately, there are rainclouds growing
today, too . . .


Wishing you a sunny weekend, wherever you are!
Oh, look at this--trying out the link thing!
C'mon, humor me, leave a link? ;)

Okay, maybe not as much fun as June's Fun Friday,
but I'm just playing around with this new linky


1CardCreator said...

Like the new blog look, white always makes work stand out crisper. Lovely photo's of the garden and the sky pic is amazing! Enjoy the weekend.

Brenda Brown said...

Great pictures Trish, looks like you have some great colours in your garden. We have had heavy rain in the UK this week too and some amazing cloud formations.
Enjoy your weekend.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Everything is so pretty! I will let you know if I post anything on my blog. I'm trying to figure out what to blog about today. heehee

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful pictures- what a great sky photo too!

JeanFB said...

WOW! Your yard is gorgeous. I especially love those blue/purple iris, one of my fave flowers. Yes, blogger is playing hide and seek with my followers, too.... they better be able to find them again!

Beverly Gotthardt said...

You have a beautiful garden-I love flowers but alas no time to tend them. I've been able to comment, but my followers pics have disappeared, hope they return. The 21st Century is sometimes not all it's cracked up to be ;-)

Nee's Hearts Desire said...

Love the Pictures!!! My yard is getting gorgeous and I can't even get out there to admire it!

Jen said...

Beautiful photos!

Cameron said...

Such pretty, pretty flowers...

...but those clouds, those beautiful clouds!!!! I'm so jealous! It's hot here in So. Cal already.....I would LOVE more rain!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

CONGRATULATIONS on winning the blog candy at Gerri's "It's all Treasure". I know you will have so much fun with it all. Excited for you. Donna

Pink Fawn said...

Your garden looks so beautiful! I'm not sure with all this rain if our vegetable garden is ever going to sprout :) Thank you for stopping by my blog for the giveaway & please come back Monday for another chance at a giveaway!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

A pretty garden you have.
No photographs of my garden only a Parisian style altered box which grew in my art space!!

Jack said...

What a brilliant idea! Love your photos of your garden too. xx

melsanford said...

Beautiful pics! I've left you a link to my greenhouse :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

trisha too said...

Okay, this may not have been such a great idea--we're redoing our garden bed this year, and I'm not planting veggies, so seeing all your wonderful plants is making me a lil' bit jealous!!!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

I have not taken any garden pics yet, we have had so much rain and hopefully the sun will start doing its job soon. We even had hail today. I had been out doing some of my container planting and Larry came to tell me that there were tornado and hail warnings for our area. I finished planting the last of 2 dozen tomato plants, as well as my celery and Italian Parsley, but figured it was time to get in the house. Tomorrow is another day. Sure enough, half hour after getting in the hail came...but fortunately nothing was damaged. I have loads of garden photos from past seasons so will pop the odd pic on my blog...I have a lot of perennials so each year they come up almost the same as the last season...bonus. Hugs, Gayle.

2amscrapper said...

What fun! Beautiful photos. I think I'll go post my flowers.

Micupoftea~ said...

This is a fun idea...and I liked seeing what is blooming in your garden! I'm playing along and posted a photo of the Hydrangeas
I am growing~~

Gerri Herbst said...

Your garden is how it pops on the white! take care, gerri

Anonymous said...

Oh you are an absolute angel thanks for linking up with fun friday and the lovely mention you gave it.
Love garden photos especially this time of year. these are beautiful ... i could look at these all day
hugs June xxxxx

Jan said...

Beautiful photo's and the wind and storms have sure been hard on my plants, too !