Friday, November 12, 2010

this song makes me laugh.

Plus, it kind of goes with the lovely little
hair arts below! C'mon, make dolphin noises,
you know you want to . . .

I need a kick in the creative bum--haven't
made anything arty for what seems like WAY
too long. Need to sort through some Altered
images, and check out the challenges
on Gingersnap Creations for a little inspiration.

C'mon, give me a link to something fun you've
made or seen lately. I REALLY like these
that Cameron made with sea glass:

Looks right for fall, yes?

But this is my favorite--gorgeous!


Terry said...

Ok, time to start playing again! Check out what I made some time ago and entered into the Creative Spirit. Now you can come and play, because it does not have to be something just for this challenge. Come on!!!

Netty said...

Gorgeous slides. Annette x

trisha too said...

Sweet, Terry!! I'm going to check this out right now; thank you!!!


just a scrap of paper said...

Hey girl, maybe it's time to check out those gelatin prints. I just bought a Silhouette cutter and been playing with getting it to work. Still watching the how to video. LOL

Unknown said...

Already a follower but got your post from Stamping Scrapbookers. My goodness. everything on the page is phenomenal

trisha too said...

Well thank you!

Of course, the hair barrettes aren't mine, but they ARE phenomenal!!


Jana said...

Even the MOJO needs a break every once and again. It'll come back. Just BE and it'll find you...