Sunday, March 28, 2010

the amazing super simple one handed paper rose tutorial

Fine, you're right, this isn't that amazing. But
I DID photograph it myself (as in, with one hand),
which explains the incredibly fine and well-focused
pictorial you will find here.

There are about a jillion paper flower tutorials, but
people keep asking me about the ones I made HERE.
There is probably a similar tutorial (with much better
photographs, no doubt!) somewhere, but the one I
originally read had the paper twisted, so here is how
I made mine--it is delightfully simple!

1. What you need:

Some water, a strip of paper (a nice medium weight
gives good results), some nice gooey glue like Super
Tacky or Tombow, and a scrap of paper.


Wet your strip of paper, shaking off excess water.


Fold the moistened paper in half lengthwise.


Fold one corner down in a triangle.


Begin rolling and squishing your paper flower


There, all flowery!


Now glue the backside, and---


--stick on that bit of scrap paper to keep
your blossom together.


Wasn't that fast? AND easy??

But don't stop there--frost your flower with
a little paint, some glitter glaze, Glimmer
Mist, Shimmerz--whatever makes you happy!


Unknown said...

i love it and so easy!!!!

Susan Stringfellow said...

oh I just love it! Great twist on the sort of classic one. The wetting and folding are great. Love the BG you used too

Stacy said...

What a fabulous flower!!

Lori said...

Great tutorial! Love it! I can see where wetting the paper helps!

Kim said...

Thanks a great Tutorial one day I will try these

karenmc said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this.

Serra55 said...

Thanks, trisha! This is a VERY handy tutorial to remember. Flowers are used everywhere.

Sally B.

trisha too said...

That is so true, Sally--it doesn't matter if you're making altered pages, cards, scrapbook pages, tags, whatever--EVERY project can use a flower!!!



Oh my... they look so fun! I will have to give it a try :)

Tipper said...

Wow that was easy-and pretty too!

Susie Jefferson said...

The best ideas are the simple ones, and this is simply super! Well done, I love it.

Suzie said...

Awesome tutorial. It is so wonderful that everyone shares these ideas, they are so inspiring.

2amscrapper said...

Love it! Gonna make me some.

Lynn Stevens said...

Wonderful Trisha,
I remember doing something like this with ribbon many years ago, but had forgotten how. Great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Hello there!! I left you a comment a few seconds ago but at the same time I lost my internet connection!!
I love those flowers!!
they are so lovely!! thank you so much for sharing! I saw you in my friend Ilene's blog and I did click on your link!
Hope to hear from you!! love your work.
God bless you!!

Ilene said...

Great tut! Love the results you got, I'll have to try it sometime soon!!

Michaele Sommerville said...

Hi Trisha!

Better late than never I've posted my appreciation blog for the OWOH prizes I won this year- I'm so glad to have been able to link back to you!

I LOVE my spring purse!


Nerrida said...

Excellent tutorial - thankyou Christian, homeschooling, scrapping Mom (from another Christian, Homeschooling SCrapping Mum in Australia).

Lesley said...

wow love this tutorial. I found it after reading about your Snow Peeps for Gingersnap. Must try your flowers, thanks for sharing. This is the quickest type of rose I have seen online yet.

wwilloww said...

Well I realize this is an older blog post but I have been on the longest run of flower making addiction I've every heard of, so, when I saw your sidebar about the tutorial, I had to come and see!!! I love it!! Now I am off to try it!! Thanks so much!

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Okay, I just found this, LOVE IT!!
Going to make some tomorrow!!
Thanks for sharing the technique

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Hi again, made some of these and I am giving 7 of them away on my blog on 6/24. I linked to your tutorial with inspiration credit :)