Tuesday, January 29, 2008

accidental collector . .

Really and truly, of all the things I collect, I never started
out by thinking, "Oh, this would be fun to collect." The
stuff just wandered my way, looking for a good home--
Nemadji pottery, luncheon plates & cups, coats, purses,
rocks, old Christmas ornaments, Bibles, dictionaries--
seriously, would anybody INTENTIONALLY collect
DICTIONARIES???? What is wrong with me???


Kris Tuey said...

I know someone else who likes to collect dictionaries... ehem.

You're a sweetie to want to help out after my surgery. Not sure on meals, you know I don't do the cooking! lol I would ask you to watch my puppy, but I know for a fact that your whale would eat my minnow for lunch. lol

Staci Rose said...

I LOVE collecting folk art ceramics, myself. I have an eclectic collection of dinner plates from various unknown artists. Your shelf, the work, is beautiful. :)

Carrie said...

I hope you do a post on your nativity sets.
Thanks for entering the Holiday Giveaway at Carola Nativity Gallery.
All the best to you this holiday season.