Thursday, February 28, 2008

my daily dose of slightly weird

So today I'm standing in line at Joann's
(you know, the fabric/craft store), waiting
to use a 50% off coupon with a jumbo gallon of
gesso. (Actually, I was somewhat pouting that
they still don't carry Shiva Paintsticks, but
that's beside the point.)

As always, I offered my extra coupon to the people
behind me, who happened to be a very nice couple,
and, it turns out, they were from Sedalia (MO),
which is where my best friend from college lives.

She's beautiful and brilliant! Really, just
look at her website. I'm amazed every time.

Then it's checkout time. The checkout lady says--
"What is that?"
And I very briefly explained the basics of gesso.

Then she says, I kid you not:

"I don't know nothin' about no art things."

Really, that struck me as more hilarious than it
probably should have, and I leaned in with a
conspiratorial whisper--"You probably shouldn't
say that too loudly, seeing how you work at
Joann's and all."

It was funny, but maybe you had to be there . . .

Now, just to top the day off right, with an extra
helping of "You gotta be kidding me," my cousin
e-mails me and says her son is (and she is NOT
happy about this, mind you)--

training to be a professional wrestler. As in,
spandex and choke holds and folding-chairs-upside-
the-head wrestler.

Not a joke.

But it sure is funny! (Sorry, cuz!)

If anyone can best that for today, please, by all
means, please enlighten me!


Lola...again said...

Nope!! Can't beat it....can laugh out loud at it, but can't beat it!!

Grace to You said...

Don't know if I can top it, but we had two pretty unusual things happen this week…the story starts 3 months ago, when my husband, Tracy, started looking for a car to replace his old clunker. He found one he thought the LORD was leading him to buy, only the guy changed his mind about selling it at the last minute. Tracy was so sure that was the car the LORD wanted him to buy that he decided to stop looking at that point and wait for Him to direct. Sure enough, last Sunday Tracy looked online for the first time since then, and there was the same car - the owner had just relisted it the day before! We bought it Tuesday night, but Tracy drove his old clunker to work the next day to use up the gas (since he figures it was more valuable than the car itself). Guess what happened?? He was rear-ended and his clunker was totaled! And the really weird part is that he’s happy about it. :) He figures he’ll get more from the insurance company than he would have selling it…but he had a hard time convincing our friends at the prayer meeting that night, who graciously wanted to pray for him, that getting rear-ended was a good thing. lol

trisha too said...

That's not weird, that's just one of His mysterious ways!

Probably the only time you'll ever be truly thankful that someone was in an accident! :)

Contessa Kris said...

This is very funny Trish. I can't imagine not knowing something about art and working at an art store. That's like someone working at an autoparts store and not knowing a Toyota from a Honda. Oh yeah, that was me. lol
Hey, meaning to call you. I hear tell that you have a bodyparts apron. Can I borrow, purty please? Also, I didn't know they had gallon gessos at Joanns! I buy mine at DickBlick.

trisha too said...

Yep, you can borrow an apron--but I gotta find them first. Do you want any other body stuff? Seriously, we have a plethora of human body stuff.

Okay, I didn't know J's had gallons, either, but there it was, and me with a 1/2 off coupon in my hot little hand. Happy Day!