Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Puppy Day!!!!!

We got a puppy yesterday!
Isn't she adorable??
(She's even cuter without
the green eyes. Sorry I'm
not more skilled.)

Anyway, fine, she's not really
ours, we're puppysitting for
the Collage Contessa. But
that didn't keep us from
skipping around singing, "It's
Puppy Day! It's Puppy Day!!

This little pooch is probably the smallest pet in the
house--I'm pretty sure even the bunny outweighs
her. We resorted to subterfuge to keep her presence
unknown to the big dogs of the household, but in all
honesty, they're not overly observant of in-house
goings-ons. Barth the Behemoth heard her bark
once this morning (which is the first noise I'd heard
out of her), but he chalked it up to the recent
3-squirrel deck incident this morning, and headed
for the back door. Maggie the Cat knows, and is
highly irritated at being displaced from her favorite
bed, but she won't tell.

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blackromance said...

That's just adorable.