Wednesday, February 20, 2008

aprons and bags and baby blankets

First is the frilly spring apron I received from Diane;
it's made so nicely, it inspired me to work on mine
even a little harder than maybe I would have!
So, thank you Diane--it's very pretty, and what's more
"springy" than tulips?? And it looks so lovely on our
dear son . . .

Next is the fabric and trim that I'm going to use in
the spring handbag swap; spring means green, and
all the early flowers like tulips, hyacinth, lilacs.
It's the same fabric I used for my apron-to-send out,
which turned out pretty well, considering there was
no pattern involved. Was originally going to use the
vintage apron pattern from bend the rules sewing,
but decided it needed a bib. Which is the
next pic--the sassy apron which needs to go in the
mail tomorrow.

The last is a baby blanket for little Eva, bright
fun cotton print on one side, so-very-soft flannel
on the other. Quilting hearts all over it. The
shower is Saturday, so really should finish that. . .

And that's what's underhand at our house; what are
YOU working on??


Contessa Kris said...

Beautiful aprons. The children look lovely wearing them. I'm sure your son was hugely pleased to be an apron model. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha your son is awesome. Mine would have run for the hills.

oh and BTW, Guess what... Tag! Your it! (I didn't start this, just following the rules!)

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Lola...again said...

Hi!! This is Jana! I am the lucky recipient of the most fabulous spring apron that you made!
I LOVE IT! The fabric is so fun, and you are an awesome seamstress! I'm wearing it right now, while I bake bread. The kids are thrilled with their surprise too!
Can't wait to try the soup!
Thanks again!

Contessa Kris said...

Hey T - found this for you today...

trisha too said...

The son is a ham, the daughter a shrinking violet. She posed first, then insisted she was NOT going to do it again, and put the apron on the boy child. He didn't care a whit either way!

Umm, tag, okay, I'll figure out this tag thing when using internet that DOESN'T make me SCREAAAM.

Hooray! Lola likes her apron! And she thinks I can sew! *snort*

AND thanks for the link, Contessa!

♥ Alexandria ♥ said...

Hello Dear Trish---

How are you this fine week? I am sad to say I wont be doing FLC this year, but the only class I actually WANTED to take was YOUR class... seriously, aviation? That doesn't exactly appeal to me! Well, I'm sick so, I need some rest! I will talk to you later dear mom commenteer!

♥ Love Alexandria ♥

Contessa Kris said...

Hey Trixie B, I'm tagging you too so you can just get it all out of the way for 2 people! Have fun! lol