Thursday, September 29, 2016

shaped atcs

There is something about shaped atcs that really appeal to me.  Maybe it's just the outside-the-box thing, or maybe it's the challenge of making something that's technically 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, but not a rectangle.

Here are some shaped atcs that I've received in swaps:
Wendy Robinson., Suzanne C, and Wendy Aspinall

Suzanne C, Kris D, and Terri D
Absolutely love all of these!

If you'd like to see some of my own shaped atcs, I'm sharing some of my favorites today at Altered Pages.

Thank you for stopping by, and a Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

a vintage stork and gender reveal DIY deco ideas!

This fellow was a recent contributor to #2 Son and Daughter-In-Law's gender reveal party.  Isn't he a cutie?  I found him at a garage sale for next to nothing.
You'll find the rest of the party decorations, along with plenty of DIY party inspiration, in my post today at the DIY Design Studio blog.  Yes, I even share the actual reveal--hey, Ima gonna be a Nana, after all!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

a few of my favorite atcs

In keeping with the atc celebration at Altered Pages this month (you can get some fabulous blog candy by sharing your own creations, by the way, so be sure to go check it out for yourself!), I'm revisiting some of my favorite artist trading card creations.  This one is an atc sized pop-up card, created from a stamped monoprint background:

I'll bet you have have some favorite atc creations of you own--if they're like mine, they got traded, right?
Happy Thursday to you!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

thankful for you--a little way to show someone you're grateful for them

In between my Sneaking-Around-Watching-the-Olympics-Time, I made up some treat bags to share with people I'm thankful for.  You can see them HERE, along with the easy instructions, today at Altered Pages.
I'd send one to all the Olympic athletes, but as you probably know, I'm still banned . . .

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Still banned from the Olympics.

Some things just don't change.  The logo may be different in 2016, but the following post from 2008 pretty much sums up how it is around here.


Normally, I am a very NONcompetitive, it's-just-a-game, it's-the process-and-not-the-product, kind of person.

The Olympics, despite the whole "bringing the world together" business, apparently brings out the worst in me.

"EAT THAT, Netherland!" 

"Mom, what do you have against the Netherlands?"

"Nothing in particular, it's just who we're against right now. IN YOUR FACE!"

"You're scaring me."

"Whatever. If you can't stand the heat, get off the field. YES! USA!"

"That's it. (click of TV turning off) You're banned from the Olympics."

From this, I have learned two important things:
1. I will never be an Olympics good will ambassador.

2. Always keep possession of the remote control.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

autumn leaves

Yes, I know, it's not fall yet--but trust me, it's around the corner.  Today at Altered Pages, I'm sharing a super simple, fall inspired decorations.  Specifically, Thanksgiving, but really, you can make these for any holiday you choose simply by varying the selection of collage image.
Complete how-to HERE.

Happy Thursday to you!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

still playing with chalk paints

Do you hate the sneak peek thing?  Sorry, but I have TWO today, both of them chalk painty.

#1---a chalk painted clamshell.  Because I was thinking, "What HAVEN'T I tried painting with chalk paints?" 
You know the deal--just a look.  Yes, those are tiny little pink seashells.  Nope, I did not dye them myself, but I'm glad someone else felt so inclined.  This Bathing Beauty you will find HERE, at Altered Pages.

#2--at DIY Design Studio, more chalk paint, on an architectural found piece wall hanging.  Okay, you got me, I have no idea what to call it!  But it hangs on the wall.  And it has architectural elements, including a vintage piece of rusty tin.  So there you go.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

paintin' up some glassware again . . .

Getting ready for a gender reveal party--I'll need to do a round of blue, too:
How-to and more info today at Altered Pages.

Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

the giant rosettes/medallions in action

Here they are, in all their glory--the giant rosettes (aka medallions, from the previous DIY post), as they appeared on the 4th of July, on the barn:

Festive, yes?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Giant 4th of July double layer Rosettes--an easy DIY

Well, maybe not giant, but still quite large--about two foot across, depending on how you adjust your makings.

What I used:
regular sized construction paper in red and blue, seven pieces of each color
white cardstock
Tacky Glue
scissors and a paper cutter (paper cutter optional)
clothespins for clamps (optional, but highly recommended)
needle and thread
magazines for weights
Altered Pages collage image for center of star (optional)
hole punch and string for hanging

1.  Accordion fold 7 pieces of the background color papers along the long side of the papers--in this case, the red.  No, they don't have to be perfect, so don't stress about getting all the folds exactly the same width.  Approximately the same width is absolutely fine.
1.  Accordion fold 7 pieces of background color

2.  Snip the ends on each folded piece, while it is folded, into a point.  Again, they don't all have to be perfectly the same.
2.  Snip ends of folded papers

3.  Trip about 1 inch off the long sides of the blue papers--or whatever your top rosette color may be--and repeat with the blue pieces steps one and two.

4.  Overlap the ends of each piece of red, gluing as you go with the Tacky Glue, and clamping the glued sections together with the clothespins.  I just folded up and clamped several sections at a time.  Be careful not to use too much glue, or it will seep out and you'll end up with EVERYTHING stuck together!  You don't have to clamp, but I find it goes much faster and easier with the clothespins. 
4.  Glue sections of folded papers together, clamp with clothespins
You may need to trim any extra long edges as you glue, or clip the points where they overlap to tidy things up a bit.  There is no need to wait until the glue is completely dry.  You will eventually need to glue the two ends of the folded papers into a circle, which will result in this:

5.  Repeat Step 4 for the blues.

6.  For the red section--cut a piece of cardstock (I used white) quite a bit larger than the hole in the center of the rosette, but not so large it hangs out the sides.
Outline the edges of the square with glue, but not where it will fall through the hole.  Lay the glue side down on top of the rosette, and weight it down with magazine, like this:
White cardstock under the magazine, waiting for glue to dry somewhat.

7.  While that is drying a little, get your needle and thread, and stitch the center of the blue rosette together, like this:
7.  Step seven--stitching the center of the blue rosette
7.  Step seven, cont'd--tie the tails of the thread together
After stitching through all the folds, tie the tails of the thread together in a square knot.  Don't pull so tightly that you tear the paper!

8.  Now, repeat Step 6 (white cardstock in the center) with the blue rosette, and allow to dry for a few minutes.

9.  The white cardstock is the back section of each rosette.  Face the back of the red rosette down on your work surface.  Add a layer of glue to the cardstock on the back of the blue rosette, and lay the glue side down on top of the red rosette.  Weight this down with a magazine.

10.  (This step is completely optional)  Cut a star for the center of the blue rosette, and a collage image if desired--you can add this and allow it to dry at the same time the two rosettes are drying together.  Allow all of this to set overnight to dry thoroughly.  The dried glue on the backs of the cardstock really firm up the rosettes, making them easy to hang.

11.  After everything is dry, grasp the back of the white cardstock (the one glued on the red rosette) and let it hang loosely from your fingers, to determine where to punch the hole for hanging.  If you don't add anything to the center of the top (blue) rosette, the directionality of the hang isn't an issue.
11,  Step 11--punch a hole and add a string to the back for hanging.

See--these are almost two feet wide!  You can always make them smaller, by trimming the papers, and of course you don't have to make double layers.  Try making them with patterned papers, with diecuts in the centers, using papers from books, or even a triple layered rosette.  Oooh, I'm going to have to try that! 

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!