Wednesday, February 13, 2008

field trip!

Yesterday we made the three hour trip to
Jefferson City for the FHE rally.

Honestly, we probably wouldn't have gone,
but the two youngest are in a homeschool hand chime
choir. They played prior to the rally in the rotunda,
and it sounded just lovely. They went last year, as
well, but had even more fun this year, as their two best
buddies are now in the choir as well.

Came home, dropped off the two, took the fencer
to fencing. Came home, dropped into bed and finished
reading Housekeeping.
(Poetic, but strange.)

Today we're at the shop (baseball cards, memorabilia,
vintage toys), and between packing ebay shipments, I'm
playing computer.

Tonight is church.

The end for today.

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