Wednesday, March 05, 2008

at work

After the
algebra, biology, etc. is finished, we all pitch in with a glad heart
(usually) and pack and ship and take pictures and list auctions. Except the
girl child, who will ship in a pinch, but generally hides in the back and reads
while customers with monikers such as Wild Bill, Ivan the Terrible, No Finger Bill, Big Mike the First, Big Mike the Second, The Librarian, and a compendium of others "bust a pack," that is, open a pack of baseball cards. Seriously, they all have
nicknames. Except Kirby. I don't know how he escaped unscathed, but there it is.

I have just been informed that no permission was granted for the use
of the children's images. Lawsuits have been threatened. Or,
"we can settle this business now for ten bucks, Mom."



Contessa Kris said...

Ahhh, putting the precious wee ones to work, like a good mother. Tell them they get paid in love. And food...

Lola...again said...

They are too cute! Don't give in and pay the ten bucks.....I'd wait until you heara from their lawyer first!

trisha too said...

Ohh, yeah, they're real "cute!"
They actually DO get paid for real work days; they're just a buncha wiseacres. Whatever that means. We're kind of into archaic slang.
Fisticuffs is another favorite . . .
Sorry. I'm sick, and my mind wanders . . .