Tuesday, March 25, 2008

polished stone technique

Demonstrated the polished stone technique for my dear, sweet
daughter and the eldest son's girlfriend. (Coincidentally, I
managed to dye my fingers the same color as the sweater I wore
to church Sunday morning. How coordinated of me!) Had just
learned the technique the night before at Rhonda's.

Anyway, they had about as much fun as a person could with it,
and produced a good 15 to 20 different pieces. Here are four
of my favorites--at least four that they let me keep . . .


Lola said...

Thatt looks so cool!!! Maybe you should do a tutorial!!

Here are a couple of suggestions (from My Zoe Bug) of cute wristlet bags http://bhg.com/bhg/story.jsp?ordersrc=rdsip1183&storyid=/templatedata/bhg/story/data/1146420827221.xml


tipper said...

Hey Trisha Too you won my first monthly giveaway Spread the Love. My blog is Blind Pig & The Acorn all you had to do was comment and you did twice! I sent you an email but now I am paranoid you didn't get it. If you'll send me your address I'll send my painting of Ms. Spot! I hope you like it!