Monday, March 24, 2008

preEaster happenings . . .

A very long time ago, I heard a person ratting off about how could
God be so great if he let his son take the fall for us? That person
obviously didn't have children, because if she had, she would have
known that any parent would consider dying for their child much easier than having to watch them suffer. But Easter ain't about the easy way out.

We've always had the Easter bunny doings NOT on Easter Sunday, and made it abundantly clear that this was play pretend--just to avoid childhood confusions such as, "Jesus was on the cross, and the bunny came and threw eggs at him, and then the soldiers came and hid the chocolate from the disciples . . ."

We had a stash of candy, but the week went in such a way that I
wasn't feeling the fun this year. And look, the childrens are 18
to 11, so really, wouldn't you think a basket of goodies would
be sufficient?

Ohhhhh, noooooo, Saturday evening came, and mutiny was
threatened if an egg hunt didn't happen! Go figure. And it was
something of a melee--they couldn't contain themselves to the dining
room, but kept sneaking a peek and snatching random, unsuspecting
eggs prior to the "go." (The weather was unpleasant, so we were
confined to the insides.) Then, there was no pretense of "I'm so
big, I don't really care about an egg hunt or candy." Every one of
them was in it with all their worth, except the girlfriend, who did
attempt to appear ladylike.

She's lucky she didn't get hurt.

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Tipper said...

They are never to old for fun and of course candy.You are right-about confusing kids sometimes. And it is impossible to totally escape from the commercial side of holidays. Looks like you had a great time!