Monday, January 23, 2017

my first altered book layout? Do YOU stay inside the lines?

Well, it's been 11 straight days I've been working in the Just Glue It book.  Yesterday I was doing more prep stuff--ripping, cutting, gluing together pages--but I didn't finish a layout.  So, today, I'm posting what I believe to be the first altered book layout I ever did.  At the time, I pretty much just opened the book, did this layout, and put it on a shelf for who-knows-how-many years!

(I still don't stay inside the lines.)

This is the same book I'm filling with the JGI layouts.


Krisha said...

Funny how our "out of sight-out of mind" works, and this is a great page.....even for today! I missed some of your "rip and glue" posts, but am looking forward to seeing what you will be doing with them.

Gio said...

I am happy you are still sticking to this project. I love it and I found it pretty challenging! Just glue and nothing else? Hard!! Your pages are so interesting and fun.

trisha too said...

It's hard to get a full layout finished everyday! Most of the ones so far are only glue, but this one is from several years back, and has a little bit of everything.