Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just Glue It, Days 15 & 16: Butcher-Bird

ephemera, metallic crayon, pencil.  In the photos, it kind of looks like a light coat of paint over the text, but it was actually pulled off with tape--the same way as HERE.  I prefer the packing tape, it's easier to take off larger sections, and adjust the amount of text taken off by the amount of pressure put on the surface of the tape. 

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Connie said...

Lovely page . . . this is going to be a delightful book to go through . . . I can imagine sitting out on the front porch enjoying a lemonade and day-dreaming while going through each beautiful page :)
Day-Dreaming: one of my favorite pastimes from early childhood . . . that I hope I never out grow :)
Have a wonderful day!
Connie :)