Friday, January 13, 2017

Just Glue It, Day 2

Yes, I named my personal challenge, "Just Glue It," but I'm sure someone else somewhere has used that one before.  Not only that, we all know that at some point there WILL be paint, crayons, ink, etc.  Anyway, did the layouts for the title pages today, and kept the title that came with the book.
"Best Sellers"--I find that amusing, indeed.
 REALLY like the photo, it's an original, got it in a pile of ephemera at an estate sale.

It's a Book-Of -The-Month paper, and it's from 1941!

That's all for today.  If I don't get around to posting the photos every day, I will post multiples during the week.

1 comment:

Krisha said...

Great start!!! I have trouble covering the "old" dated stuff with opaque colors, ss I look forward to seeing how you finish the pages..