Thursday, January 12, 2017

a personal challenge--altered book layout a day

 (Pre-P.S.--updated with better photos.)
Well, these photos are from my phone, which I have NOT quite gotten the hang of yet, but today I decided to try and do a layout a day in an altered book, one I began years ago, but never really worked in. No particular theme, just gluing a layout a day.

I like this particular bit, the tape over a piece of old movie film.

These are my great-grandmother's twin brothers, Ruben and Rupert. so my great-great uncles?  I met Rupert on several occasions, but Rupen died in WWI.

Sorry the pics aren't better, but I had to screw my resolve to the sticking point, and it was either get it done or not.  (I chose get it done.  Lesson learned--next time use the camera I know!)

Now I'm going to see that grandbaby of mine. 
Happy Thursday to you!


2amscrapper said...

This is fabulous Trisha! I love this type of crafting! I look forward to that page a day!

Krisha said...

A page a day is pretty good goal, good luck.....not that you need it *grin*
I like this type of goal, it helps break the chains of negativity and opens you creative muse to all sorts of new things.
Kiss that little fella twice for me!!!!