Wednesday, February 23, 2011

garden book and thank yous!

Waiting for spring. It's supposed to do all
kinds of nasty things here tomorrow--freezing
rain, sleet--but I'm keeping my chin up, and
waiting for spring . . .

Do you garden? I have three big bags of bulbs
to plant, leftovers from a recent lawn and garden
show nearby. Lots of my flowers are ones people
have shared from their own gardens--iris from a
Sunday School teacher, plus more from a friend,
daylilies from a friend, Rose of Sharon from my
mom, and peonies from my grandma's. And most of
my strawberries came from a friend, too; that
was many years ago!

Anyway, this is the cover of my latest book project,
which has a garden theme:

Let me say that the whole spray paint masking thing
is probably my new favorite technique, and that
making roses with satin and Super Tacky Glue is
laughably easy.

Here are some more flowers--I'd like to say a big
at Folding Chair Designs--she provided a cute
pair of earrings and this amazing headband

for a giveaway at Kate's. I'm telling you,
this headband is extremely well made. The
daughter adores it, and has gotten many, MANY
compliments on it.

Plus, look at this lush, beaded, silk bag:

It's even more gorgeous in real life--thank
you to Sharon, who offered this up during
One World One Heart. And the name of
her shop? The Wildflower House.

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow . . .


Netty said...

Gorgeous book cover Trisha and some wonderful gifts. Hope Spring comes to you soon my friend. Annette x

Joanna said...

That book cover is delicious, Trisha! I love how your roses echo the ones in the picture - yours really are very beautiful roses.

The roses on that headband are gorgeous too, such lovely colours.

Spring is definitely on its way, just hang on in there.


Dawn said...

What beautiful gifts. I really love your garden book. I am dying to get in to our garden it's like a quagmire at the moment. it's going to have to seriously dry out a wee bit before I can plant anything

Roll on Spring ;0)

Love Dawn xx

Ilene said...

I so adore your altered projects, they always have such an antique, vintage look...totally up my alley. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Those are some good gifts :)

Cameron said...

So you were the lucky recipient of that lovely prize! How wonderful!

Your new project is super the masking technique...and one can never go wrong with flowers!

Lori said...

Love your book cover, it's gorgeous! And I love the roses..yep, I garden, I have strawberries as well..too but they taste so good.. I really love perennials, mostly daylilies, I have a TON of those.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh, your book is just beautiful!!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

That book cover is gorgeous and so are your roses! Heck with spring-I want summer!

Karen Howard said...

This is really gorgeous! Love those flowers and will have to give them a try.

Shar said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Linda64 said...

Gorgeous book cover.