Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Theme Thursday--purple

Theme Thursday--does being early this week
help offset being shockingly late the last?

Altered Pages images, painted with a little
twinkling H2Os (which doesn't really show in
the pic), and some wonderful textured, sparkly,
paper that I only WISH I knew WHAT it was.

Does it look familiar to anyone? As in, do you
know where I could find some more?

She's looking awfully plain to me. Maybe she just
FEELS plain, not being stamped and painted and such.



Sandy said...

Wow this is darling.
Absolutely gorgeous.

Kelly said...

beautiful card!

Ozstuff said...

I love your blog name. In my case it would be Difficult to amuse and easy to offend!! (Well, my daughters tell me I am getting into the cranky old lady stage).
Your purple picture is scrumptious. I love it.

Bettie said...

Lovely card

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

This is really a stunning piece with your touches of purple against that dazzling background.
Love it!

indybev said...

Well, she doesn't look plain to me! She's quite beautiful amidst that wonderful sparkly paper you're so fond of, and the subtle purples. I love the little details. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Not plain at all, Trisha. This is a gorgeous piece. And your backgrounds are wonderful.

LiveArt said...

Beautiful piece and a wonderful background!!


WrightStuff said...

That background looks so textured - makes you want to reach out and touch!

Linda Elbourne said...


Karen said...

Beautiful card !