Thursday, August 27, 2009

polished stone atc

Have you ever tried the polished stone technique?
Wow, you can get some gorgeous backgrounds
with that method--the paper really has the illusion
of depth. I learned from Rhonda, as in, at her house.
You could also see how HERE.

The atc (well, it's more calling card size) is for
the quote challenge at Theme Thursday, and the flower
is from my dear husband, who showed up tonight with a dozen,
just because he's as sweet as he is handsome!


Kelly said...

beautiful atc! great background!

Karen said...

What a great background effect! Nice quote too!
Your roses are beautiful...

LiveArt said...

Beautiful atc! Love the background and the quote!! Thanks for sharing the technique!!


WrightStuff said...

Ooh another technique to learn!! It does look very effective indeed.
And well done for posting on a Thursday (mine was Friday!)

indybev said...

Ah, that Willy Shakespeare was a wise fellow! Your art is beautiful,--a perfect setting for the quote.

LiveArt said...

Hi and thanks for your kind comments on my work!!

The background you asked about was made colouring a baby wipe blue with acrylic paint and then streching it in all directions till you cab see through it. I like to pull it so that it tears in some places. Then while it's still wet you glue it down on paper painted a darker blue. I stamped the circles in dark blue paint and stamped golden stars to finish it.

When you stretch the baby wipes they become a bit like a spiderweb and if you chose to paint it before you glue it down it's best to glue it while it's still wet, to avoid it getting stiff when it's all dry, cause that makes it harder to glue down.

If you change background colour to a lighter shade, another colour or leave it white you'll get some other really cool effects!!
Have fun and I hope my "tutorial" made sense :)


Terri said...

This is really special! I love the background and the saying as well.

Rhonda Langley said...

Lovely! I like the image in the corner! I haven't even done this since we did it at stamp class-I even have glossy paper left.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love your background, such a simple technique with stunning results! Your quote is lovely.