Thursday, March 05, 2015

a peeky Easter egg (like a sugar egg?) and a quick how-to

So you know it's almost spring.  Which means it's almost Easter.  Which leads me to this--just finished off a Peeky Egg.  In my mind I call them Peeky Eggs, because really I have no other name for them.  They're like the sugar Easter eggs, the kind with the little scenes in them.  Those always fascinated me, they're like little magical things.  (Okay, you're right, I still love them!)

Anyway, here's my paper person version:
They're simple enough to make;  here's a little how-to for you:
1.  Get a larger sized plastic egg--it doesn't need a hinge like mine--and a pair of kitchen scissors.

2.  Snip a little chunk out of one side of the egg--it will probably crack a bit, but that's no problem.
3.  Now cut the peeky hole the size you want it to be.  It's easier to make a jagged, cracked egg look, rather than the traditional round peeky hole that are in most sugar eggs.

Americana Decou-page
4.  Adhere torn bits of text papers from books, or like here, torn sheet music, all over the inside and outside of the egg.  (Yes, I was out of regular decoupage stuff, and used the kind made for fabric, which worked just fine!)

5.  While letting the egg dry, I painted up some Leaky Shed Studio butterflies with Peacock Pearl Metallic paint (DecoArt).  I also painted up some handmade flowers, you can find that diy HERE.

6.  Next, a nice shiny wash with the Berry Metallic on the outside, and a wash of Dark Patina Metallic on the inside of the egg . . .

7.  And then a layer of Champagne Gold, on the egg and butterflies and flowers:
(I was trying to photograph the gorgeous glowing shine-- but you can't quite see it on the butterfly?  Check out my thumb!)

You can almost see the glow here.

8.  I also added a ruffle of silky seam binding around the outside of the egg.
9.  Finally, fill the egg with flowers (or whatever you like), and add a thread spool pedestal.

I really, really like shiny paint, and these metallics have a great shimmer, almost luminescent. 
(Wanna see a bird themed Peeky Egg?  You'll find it HERE.)   

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froebelsternchen Susi said...

What an amazing project!

Nan G said...


Shoshi said...

This is another truly exquisite piece, Trisha. This is definitely something I'd like to try to make. I had a look at your birdie one too - simply gorgeous! You are so creative. Thanks for brightening my day with such beautiful things to look at.


Anjuli Johnson said...

Oh my gosh, you have truly inspired me with this. I have some cloches that have displays in them, but I've been looking for more ideas so I can switch the displays, esp. for the holidays. What a perfect thing for me to make! Thank you!

Bibi, Rubber Dance Stamps said...

What a super fun idea! I really like this.... must try! Thank you for sharing how it's done :-)

Michele said...

aha! what a brilliant way to do this! thanks for sharing the tutorial and for making such a lovely creation! xo

Rushd Lady said...

What a cute egg! Have you ever made an egg-head with grass growing out of the top for hair? You'd have your own chia-guy! =0)Scott might get jealous. . .

Francine said...

Beautiful egg!! Thank you for sharing. - Francine