Thursday, February 16, 2012

belated thank yous

A late, late thank you for all these amazing
and beautiful sweeties:

from Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff

atc book constructed by Penny of A Penny for Your Thoughts
(it's even more wonderful in real life, let me tell you!)

This first atc is Penny's . . .

atcs from Janine and Beverly

atcs from Sherry and the Marie is mine . . .

Isn't that such a great swap idea? Penny makes
wonderful books like that, and recently had some
published--you can see more HERE.

Ready for some more pretties? These are Christmas
atcs--there should be one more in this set, and I
apologize to whomever I am leaving out, but your atc
got packed away in the Christmas decorations!

from Wendy Robinson

from Martina Fuchs

from Lorraine Rigby

from April Dudko

and from Ann Lavin of Raggedy Ann's Playground.

Thank you again to all of these talented ladies!!



Terry said...

What a wonderful collection of art! How fun!

trisha too said...

Oh, yes, that was some mighty fine mail, Terry!!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- these are amazing! I love the booklets they are in!

SusanLotus said...

So many beautiful ATC´s!
Have a great friday!

Lorraine said...

lovely goodies and ATCs too

Lynne Moncrieff said...

You certainly had many happy mail days with all those beautiful creations arriving in the post.
Penny's swap was very special and I was so glad to be part of it.

Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful art! Thanks for sharing.

Diana Evans said...

oh these are amazing.....they just make me smile from ear to ear!!!!

trisha too said...

Me too, Diana!


2amscrapper said...

such prettes!

Alexa said...

How gorgeous are they all!! What a great swap.

trisha too said...

So, so true, Alexa!