Friday, June 03, 2011

What's growing Friday?

Can you believe it's Friday again already? This
week has flown by, for me, at least!

Here's what's growing in my yard right this morning:

The daylilies are beginning to bloom . . .

as are the clematis! I'll try and get a pic of
the lilies and the clematis when more of them
open up.

Here's the yucca--not blooming yet, but the flower
stalks are coming up in all the plants.

Baby grapes!

And our hydrangea bush--which only blooms when it
feels like it--has two different colored flowers
coming on on the same plant!

Now it's your turn--what's growing with you? In
your yard, garden, art or sewing space, or your
kitchen, whatever new is growing with you, feel
free to leave me a link; I'd love to stop by this
weekend and have a look!
This just in--the fantastic fun box of goodies
arrived from Gerri today, so I had to make a little
something at least, right? The image is from June
at Dezinaworld
; it reminded me of the three muses,
and believe me, I needed some inspiration this week!

(Not too bad a pic for indoors at night!)
Thank you again, ladies!


Brenda Brown said...

I have Clematis, some fabulous Roses around our arch and lovely Pinks. I will have to try and get the camera out in the garden this weekend to show you.
Take care.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Joanna said...

How on earth do you manage to have 2 different colour flowers on your hydrangea bush?!

Beautiful lush photos, all green and fresh and lovely.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

All pretty! So much better then my lousy weed! lol

Barbara Hagerty said...

Gorgeous pics! I love your idea of "What's growing Friday"
The only thing growing at my place right now are art journal pages. Stop by my blog and take a peek if you'd like to!

Cameron said...

So pretty, Trish! I grew hydrangeas at the old place.....mine were pink, but my favorite was when they started to age....they'd turn green...I loved them like that the most!

Our yard is still largely weeds, but the roses that were here before us are in full bloom, as are the hibiscus and jasmine (I just love their fragrance) :)

Rhonda Langley said...

Yep! Hydrangeas have a mind of their own. If you want them to be pink there must be iron in the soil; the more iron the more pink blooms you will have. People would bury an iron nail from the railroads by these plants to make the blooms turn pink. So now you know!

trisha too said...

I'd heard that about burying iron around the plant, but couldn't remember which color it turned--pink would make sense though, duh!

The only thing I've ever done for this bush is give it water; it was here when we moved in . . . in case you all aren't noticing, if it weren't for perennials, we wouldn't have much besides grass and trees in our yard!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- I love the hydrangea with different colored blooms- so pretty! Wow- love your card too- great image! I am cooking up some ATC's for a weaving challenge- I will post them after my ATC swap.....

Anonymous said...

Wow those flowers are so pretty and i just love the Hydrangea its so pretty.
What a gorgeous atc you made too its so pretty. Thanks for linking up my friend. Have a fab Weekend. I am off to link to your inlinkz now too :)
hugs June xxxxxxxxxx

Jack said...

No sign of any buds on my hydrangea!!! Boo Hoo. Your grapes look good too. xx

bakingbarb said...

Oh how I wish my Clematis would be flowering as yours is, mine died back to the ground this year.
I do have some fabulous rhodies blooming although everything is a month late here, we've had a cooler than usual spring.

Chris Flynn said...

What's growing with me? JUST finished my last class (Watercolor, creative writing, and memoir)! Plus, I just adopted Molly, a Saint Bernard Puppy. What ever grows in my garden, does so on it's own.
Sweet blessings,

1CardCreator said...

Lovely garden you have. Only thing growing her is the grass, that and the pizza dough in the oven, lol.

2amscrapper said...

I have growing some "heavenly mail" to give away on my blog--Today's the last day of our Bella Creations blog hop and my flowery, butterfly creation will go to someone chosen at random who posts a comment and is a follower of my blog.

Micupoftea~ said...

Thanks for stopping by for the Hop! Dezinaworld is sponsoring our June prize at my inking/stamping Group called Voila Ink! (
Yeah! Your Hydrangeas are blooming afterall! I have Catmint growing, which makes our kitty happy :)

Micupoftea~ said...

Thanks for stopping by for the Hop! Dezinaworld is sponsoring our June prize at my inking/stamping Group called Voila Ink! (
Yeah! Your Hydrangeas are blooming afterall! I have Catmint growing, which makes our kitty happy :)

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh, your garden is growing, Mary Quite Contrary! Love it! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Gerri Herbst said...

Gorgeous photos...Glad the goodies arrived, hope you are having fun with my crazy assortment from my stash.take care dearie, gerri

Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha,
i have just popped back to let you know i will be sorting out a winner for this one soon and also posting a new challenge for this too.
hugs June x