Friday, December 10, 2010

one good picture

And this ain't it. B l u r r y.

You know, you'd think that by now I would
be able to take a decent photo. Made some
ornaments (was exchanging with some friends),
and got one acceptable picture before wrapping

But, one is better than none, right?

Are you making ornaments? My friend (real and
imaginary), the Contessa, is--LOTS of gorgeous
ornaments, and some sweet tutorials to go along
with them. I'm officially on Christmas break,
so am planning to join her in some creating.

If you've made any ornaments this year, please
leave me a link, I'd love to stop by and see!

*****little update*****
Well, at least my friend Rhonda can work
her camera! Totally swiped this pic from
her blog!


Sam Harvey said...

This is the extent of me decorating for chanukah...take out the box...leave in entry for about 8 days...put box in the garage...

Netty said...

Beautiful ornaments. Annette x

stampdiva said...

This is gorgeous!
Yes I am busy making ornaments. Started another today. Posted one on my Blog yesterday if you want to have a peek (Adorn) and plan to post more in the coming days - all a variation on a style. Have a great weekend. Lynne M

Dawn said...

I am sure whoever receives your decoration in the exchange will love it. Did you use a jar lid for the one in the photo?
You can check out my homemade ornaments on my blog if you would like!
Cheers ~

PS I love your baseball card Christmas ornaments too ~ I may modify your idea and make some hockey card decorations for my son who is a big hockey fan!

Terry said...

Love this ornament! So beautiful!

Rhonda Langley said...

Yep! These are even more awesome in person!

Contessa Kris said...

I love love love my ornament! It's even more beautiful in person!

Shar said...

Lovely ornaments! Love the vintage look!

trisha too said...

Thank you, ladies!

The base is a lid to a small paper mache box, by the way!


Jana said...

Love your ornament.

I have the same picture challenges. Sigh!