Friday, December 10, 2010

baseball card Christmas ornaments.

No, I did NOT use real cards; that would have
been silly. Not to mention expensinve! The
husband wanted to decorate a tree at our store,
and asked me to make some ornaments.

Babe Ruth is the "star" on the top.

This is Frank Chance, very popular in his
day, a T205 ("T" means tobacco card, by the
way). These were originally printed in 1909,
I think.

And this is Lefty O'Doul, on his 1933
Goudey bubble gum card.

These are very simple, but they were fun to
make, and they made my honey happy!



Joanna said...

These are fun, love the vintage images with their Christmas 'bling'!


Natalie said...

Way to shine!

Rhonda Langley said...

These are a hoot! Definitely one of a kind creations! Who would have ever pictured Babe Ruth surrounded by tinsel & glitter?

Dawn said...

I borrowed your idea and made a vintage hockey card for my son (looks pretty cool on the tree). And, if I can get my crazy colour printer to work, I may just make some more! Thanks for the idea.
~ Dawn.

Jana said...

These are great. I'll have to remember this for next Christmas. I'll bet my DH would love some football ornaments.