Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yesterday, I'm reading my e-mail, and the 17-year-old
son comes in to read over my shoulder. The children
folk like to keep tabs on me.

He reads one of the ubiquitous ad things that hang out in
the perimeter of the computer screen (and don't even
register in my brain) out loud:

"Who would take care of your family if you weren't able?"

I answered, "Well, at this point, I'm pretty sure my family
would take care of themselves." (Bear in mind the oldest
is 21, the youngest is 13.)

"Wrong," he says. "We would all eventually starve to death
or die of some horrible disease due to the filthy conditions."

"WHAT? ALL of you know how to cook AND clean!"

"Doesn't mean we'd do it, though."



bumblebeebags said...

That is hysterical!!!! and so true!

just a scrap of paper said...

Sometimes I wonder about mine and ask,"Who raised these children?" and I have to just shake my head. LOL

Cameron said...

Funny! A Mom's job is never finished :)

Rhonda Langley said...

Well mine would not starve but they would wear the same clothes and there would be clutter everywhere except for paths to the fridge, toilet and beds!

Terry said...

Mine are grown!!! I do remember when they were at home - don't know how I worked and kept up with the house, meals and everything!

Natalie said...

Oh dear!

gail said...

that made me laugh! now that my daughter is 27, her house is spotless, she has learned to cook (or dates only men who CAN cook!) and do laundry and make her own dr appointments! so after a while they do learn!!!

Jingle said...

LOL! Well, isn't it nice to know that you have raised honest children?

Twisted Fencepost said...

It IS nice to feel needed. Right? LOL
It's about the same around here. But I don't believe they would starve. I promise you they WILL eat. LOL
But clean...I doubt it.

Lynn Stevens said...

out of the mouths of babes! LOL

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

LOL, that has to give you peace of mind, right?

Too funny!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tipper said...

LOL that sounds like one of my girls-the other would make it all work fine.

(it's hot enough to fry eggs here too)

Anonymous said...

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trisha too said...

You know, I was going to delete that comment right up there about, ahem, male enhancement, but it's just so dang funny . . .

Contessa Kris said...

Mine tell me they'd all be 500 lbs and never have clean anything. So I guess I have to live for a bit longer. lol