Monday, July 19, 2010

fun bloggy giveaway

What's new with you? Last week was VBS (that's
short for Vacation Bible School), and we taught
the first grade boys.

Fun? Pretty much. Tiring? Very yes.

Speaking of fun, look at Lara's bloggy giveaway.
She likes to go sale-ing, too, apparently, and
is kindly offering up a film canister of goodies.
The name of her blog, it cracks me up--it essentially
sums up every day of my life!!!

It's extremely hot and humid here, so I'm feeling
painfully dull and stupid today. Remember the cheesy
"This is your brain on drugs" service announcements?

Yep, that's about it . . . minus the actual drugs.


Rhonda Langley said...

too hot and humid to be outside-even in the evening!!! I guess I will just have to go in the basement and make something!

Julie said...

thanks for the heads up on the great giveaway. The weather here is overcast and 60ish and the REDs are running in the Kenai! Jim's going fishing.

trisha too said...

Look, Alaska girl, it is unkind to rub your coolness in our sweaty faces!!


Twisted Fencepost said...

I can SO relate! With all this homework my brain is trying its best to go on vacation. Talk about overload!!