Wednesday, June 09, 2010

altered book tip-in pages

For a Lisa Vollrath swap, summer themed, at Art42.

Scanned instead of photographed--you can tell by
the funny "shadow" in the corner, and from the
random spots!! Here's a piece of "duh" advice:

If you're going to scan your artwork, make sure to
clean the scanner bed first! AND if you're going
to go the effort of making a bunch of pages, make
sure to send them in EARLY. I thought I mailed these
with plenty of time for them to make it to the
hostess by the deadline, but haven't heard that
they arrived. Not cool. *sigh*


Dawn said...

Oh I love sunflowers and this is just wonderful

Love Dawn xx

Mina said...

stunning sunflowers, I can almost hear them rustling in the breeze
Mina xxx

Marina said...

Wow! They're really beautiful!

Thanks for your lovely comment and for entering my candy :O),


Terry said...

Wonderful sunflowers!! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Have a great day!