Sunday, September 21, 2008

vintage image atcs

Two of them went to Sarah in the UK, and the other
two to De in Australia. Now, if I had realized these
were going to travel, I probably wouldn't have
chosen the baseball card images, but maybe that's
a little exchange of my cultural heritage?

This Homerun baseball card atc uses a T-206 Ty Cobb image
from Altered Pages, and a 1916 Sporting News image, too.
(Neither are actual size, both are reduced.)

Imagine is an Altered Pages image with purple micro beads
and a little lace,

Spunky is another AP image, and you can't tell, but the
purple background is with twinkling H2Os, so it's all
iridescent and shiny. And, obviously, gold embossed
around the edges, using UTEE.

I really like the feathers in Bon Jour's hat--they came
from one of my mom's old hats that I used to play dress-up
with, and my daughter did, too. Now, the poor old thing
is pretty beat up (the hat,not my mom!), but the feathers
are still lovely. The corners are punched with the ticket
corner punch from Stampin' Up, which is another one of my
favorite atc touches, and her background is painted with the
twinkling H2Os, as well.

It's too bad the shiny doesn't show--those paints are amazing!


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Trisha Too!!!
THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and the nice comment on my Audrey! She's my fAVORITE actress ever!!! LOL!!!
Your blog is looking SO good!!! I LOVE Spunky and I can see some of the sparkle from the H2O's!! Your Bon Jour is looking WONDERFUL, too!!! I hope you're having a lot of fun! No wonder you're on the Altered Pages Design Team! You do BEAUTIFUL artwork!!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

Ya know how I feel about all that sparkles!? Everywhere I go there are those darn twinkling H20's. Looks like another item on my wish list!! Love the ATC's! I see that SU rub on in the corner!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like Spunky and dejour! The base ball are really interesting too, but how do you decide on the theme? Thanks for visiting again... Gina

trisha too said...

Hey, Jersey Girl Gina! If I'm in a swap, there is usually a theme provided. Other than that, it's just whatever falls under my fingers at the time . . .