Friday, September 26, 2008

just for fun . . . some silly Halloween atcs

Look, I'll just say it, it's been a really rotten
month. We all deal with things if different ways,
when I'm mad, I clean (and pray),
when I'm sad for someone else, I cook for them
(and pray), and
when I'm sad for me, I spend time in the art room
alone (and pray).

The other night I was home alone, albeit briefly,
and just started making silly things. I'd used
all three of these collage images before, but
put them in a different context, and they
make me laugh! They aren't fancy, just funny.

It's okay--YOU don't have to think they're
funny! But in case you do, they actually made
it into a kit at altered pages. The two collage
sheets aren't showing up below the sample
pic yet, but they're Cutie Pies
and Adorable.

Does that little girl not look like she's about
to lose her treats????


Natalie said...

These are funny. I have to say I admire your coping mechanisms... very productive, spiritual and forward thinking. I'm taking notes.

Angie Hall Haviland said...


wahm922 said...

Too cute! Peek a boo is my favorite, it just made me smile and feel happy.

bumblebeebags said...

I love these, I cant wait to see the sports collages. I have a bag ready for you whenever you are ready!!!!

Contessa Kris said...

I'm SO stealing the cut out pumpkin idea for an ATC swap I'm in. Yes, I'm really gonna. Beautiful work as always.