Friday, June 27, 2008

Redemption and a little bit of art stuff

So, #1 and #4(sons) are into
this game called Redemption. It's a Christian card game, but it's
a little weird in that you're "battling" another person in order
to save "lost souls." Anyway, #1 hosted the state tournament
at our church, and I got to be the responsible adult to hang out
with them all day. And by "hang out," I mean, put out clothing
for the clothes give away we have there, and sit in the kitchen
with dd and #1's girlfriend.

Hadn't made any ATC's for a LONG time, but the girls got me going,
and the dd made SEVEN collages! That girl was having a party!
The Star Trek one cracks me up.

Well, okay, so I didn't say they were particularly good ATCs,
but they're not totally stink.
(Okay, had to take this one out for a submission! :)
Look at
little Mary Pickford--doesn't she make a sweet fairy? (dd's)

This one is a riot. Good old "The Old Star Trek!" Gotta love it. :)


Rhonda L said...

Love them all but especially the Star Trek!!! I guess I should make at least a couple of ATC just to prove to myself that I can!

Tipper said...

I think the collages are great-makes me want to go create one too!

joybear said...

very fun ATCs...LOVE the fairies!!

Tere Sanders said...

Wow! I love your ATCs and all your projects. What eye candy!

kris in larryville said...

your atcs are beautiful.