Wednesday, June 11, 2008

introducing the amazing Zoltar!

Here he is, the chicken who would be a person.
Raised in a house by a well-meaning foster family,
this fine bird had a difficult time adjusting to
country living. (Face it, Kathleen, you warped him
for life!) He has repented of his unnatural interest
in inanimate objects, such as water guns, garden tools,
etc., and decided that life among the henny penny
is alright. He's quite handsome and friendly--never
once had to meet the business end of my work boot
or broom.

However, he remains somewhat taken aback at the
notion of living in a barn.

Zoltar still comes to the back door, and walks right
in if it's open. If not, he knocks. Loudly.

I'm not even joking.

Anyway, the art room is rearranged, and essentially clean.
This is a fantastic feat, believe you me. Found some really
nice stuff, too--it was kind of like Christmas.

Number 2 son said (after helping me move tables and such):
"I'm pretty sure dad doesn't know you have all this
stuff. If he did, surely he'd make you get rid of
it." This boy is a smarty pants.

And puh-leaze. Not only does dh KNOW, he paid for it,
and smiled all the while.

And too much??? That would be like telling
Tipper she's too country.
Or Rhonda that she has too many stamps.
Or Lola that she has too much fabric.
Or the Contessa that she has too much, umm, wait,
she probably does have too much!! ;)

I'm pretty disgusted with the world in general right now.
War, plague, famine, pestilence--you know, the usual. Add
dial-up to the list, and my angst is complete.

Feeling very Ecclesiastes.
Or Marvin the robot, if you know what I mean.



Lola said...

There is NO such thing as TOO MUCH FABRIC!!! I call it my "Storage"! Some people store food and supplies in case of hard times....I'm pretty sure they will want to trade it for a quilt!!

Rhonda L said...

Too many stamps!? That's like having too many pairs of shoes (or too many coats). And now that my oldest DS has vacated the basement I have even more room to store stamps, paper, punches, etc. etc.

Tipper said...

You are right how could I be too country? Not possible. Not possible to have to much stuff in your studio either. So there smarty pants boy!

The rooster is too cute and too funny. My hubby had a horse Roscoe-that came in the house through a open set of sliding glass doors. Just walked right into the living room where they were watching t.v.
Well at least the rooster behaves!

Thank you for mentioning me-and the dialup I totally agree!!!

trisha too said...

wait a minute Rhonda, was that coat comment directed at me??

So I have a few coats.

Ohkay, that's right, you're the one who has a pair of shoes to match every outfit--she does, too, Rhonda always looks good!

Contessa Kris said...

Wait! Who said the Contessa has too much of anything! I cry blasphemy, sacrilege! *psst* you're still coming over Tuesday to relieve me of some of this stuff right?! lol I was already in Rhonda's basement relieving her of some of her stamps.

The rooster is adorable. Do you need a domesticated bunny too? I have a free one.

Contessa Kris said...

Or a very hairy dog who licks herself and mats constantly? Sheesh!

Natalie said...

OMGoodness, he's so handsome and I love that he comes knocking! And he's a good guy, you say? Oh, if only my Pip will be a good rooster. Good and quiet!
Thank you so much for visiting Chickenblog... I have been having a good time seeing your blog and I look forward to visiting again!

Natalie said...

This is amazing and hilarious.
Now I remember this post, and being so smitten with your beautiful rooster.
And how crazy random happenstance is it that the boys started calling our *Zoe* * Zoltar* when we realized she was a he?! I love this.
Hey, we do go way back. So sweet.