Saturday, April 05, 2008

spring handbag swap!

Here's my offering for the spring handbag swap--not the fabric
I had intended to use, but honestly, I couldn't find it. It's
just a mess around here. The bag is modfied from an Angry
Chicken pattern, and it's also her No Cash Wallet pattern.

What I should be posting is a picture of the girlfriend's prom
dress, which made me a little nuts for about a week. It took
over the house. We had little chats together, the dress and I.
Mostly it was me scolding it, but at least it's finished, it
fits, she likes it, and prom is TONIGHT. Look, I LIKE making
bags, the occasional cape or costume type thing, and quilting--
you get the idea. But not prom dresses. And for some reason,
my children apparently think I possess the ability to do just
about anything--my son asked me to make him a shirt and tie to
match, 4 days prior to prom. Really. And I have never not once
sewn an actual button hole. Duly enlightened, he spent a little
time at the local department store, and will look just as handsome
as can be, matching tie or no.

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