Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Star Wars is out the door . . .

Well, it's almost out the door. It's on ebay now,
as in, five cases FULL of figures. Man, what a stash!
I still have my brand-new Kenner bags, but the rest
of this stuff is soon-to-be someone else's. It's been
fun to help sort it all out, especially with the boys'
help. Okay, in all honesty, I did absolutely NONE
of the sorting, only the picture-taking. Hey, they
got all into matching the weapons to the figures,
etc. And let's face it, as 9 and 14 year-old boys,
they're more up on all the names than I will ever be.

It inspired a couple of movie nights--it had
been a long time since we watched the original, and
I forgot how much I really like that movie! Jordan
kept "shushing" me, so apparently I talked too
much. But seriously, how can Princess Leia have
a British accent in only one scene? Like no one is
going to notice that?? C'mon! Shush yourself,
Jman! ;)

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