Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I love this purse!

One of "my" Girl Scouts came to
the last meeting all jazzed to show
me the awesome cool purse she
had made; it was, indeed,
awesome and cool! Even better,
she told me where to find the
directions, and I got to make one
my own self. I've been holding
onto this fabric, wanting to make
something, and this was perfect.
It's a vintage drape fabric I think.
The lining is from linen skirt that
my dear children said made me
look like a bag lady, and the button
is from my grandma's button can.
I am very, very pleased. DD got a
sewing machine for her owntee
doentee self for Christmas, and is
champing at the bit to try many
projects. First, we'll need to finish
off the quilt she started--the top is
already done.

It feels so good to be making
something again. Julie from
Alaska called the other day, and
man, it was nice to be able to tell
her I was actually doing
something. Actually joined another
swap, just for that proverbial kick
in the creative pants. We'll see how
those turn out, but so far, so good.
Happy New Year to me, eh?? ;)

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