Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Glue It, Day 21ish: He loved the sea. (and a tiny fairy pop-up)

He loved the sea.
Well, being sick has definitely been getting in the way of glue time.  That's all I have to say about that.
been getting my photos from Altered Pages--HERE.
That tab you see on the left, it's from the "friends" layout, HERE.

Also, my post today at Altered Pages has a layout from a little pop-up fairy book;  you'll find it HERE

Now please excuse me, I need another cup of hot tea . . .

Happy Thursday to you!


Krisha said...

So sorry to hear that your not feeling up to Parr, but your gluing is fabulous. I love these pages, and your little fairy book is adorable.
Hope the tea helps, everyone seems to be fighting something this season. It is cold and very windy this between the poring rain showers.... but I'd rather have this than drought conditions of the last 10 years.

trisha too said...

It really does seem like everyone is sick, or recovering--what a weird cold/flu season! And I wish it would rain here!