Thursday, February 18, 2016

fairies and a helpful hint

 I love my alphabet stamps, but am just about rubbish at stamping them neatly.  A while back, I learned a little trick for keeping things neat--you probably already know this one, but if you tape your letters together, it's a whole lot easier to stamp the words.

 The blocks for these letters are different sizes, so I butt the rubber end up against a ruler, and then

slap a little Scotch type tape across the top, carefully flip, and then tape the other side.  This trio of words were stamped on watercolor backgrounds, cut out, and the edges inked:

SO much easier to manage, especially when dealing with small spaces, like an artist trading card.

You can see this little fairy's sisters, along with more details on her background, in my share today at Altered Pages.  Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your visit!


just a scrap of paper said...

Such a simply awesome reminder! I think this how I will stamp my cards. Thanks!

trisha too said...

Oh, girl, you'd better get those in the mail! ;)

Dawn Catmull said...
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Dawn Catmull said...

Now that is seriously a good idea..why didn't I think of that?!! x

Krisha said...

I have my tiny alphabets put away cause they are hard to use as singles and now I'll dig them out and use them......such a clever idea.....why didn't I think of that....LOL

Have a great weekend!!

SusanLotus said...

This is lovely!
Have a nice week!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fab tip- I do not use my alpha stamps too much- should give this a go! LOVE your fairy on the pink. Wonderful!

Michele said...

well that's a brilliant tip and no, I didn't already know it so thank you! xo