Thursday, January 21, 2016

A few how-to tips on making buntings . . .

I like making buntings, but I also have a life, and don't necessarily want to spend hours and hours creating them.  So here are a few tips from someone who has made a LOT of buntings, along with a lot of mistakes in the process!

1.  Rectangular panels = the fastest way to go
2.  Stitching the panels to the hanging ribbon or strip of fabric with a sewing machine = faster and easier than gluing.
3.  Colored staples look cute, too, and are even easier than stitching or gluing.
4.  Clothespins win for the easiest way to hang!
5.  If you're doing stuff like inks/paints around the edges of the panels, do that BEFORE sewing.
6.  3D elements are fun, but if you're planning on storing the bunting, they're a huge pain.  (Says the woman who added a million ribbon roses to the cutest little baby girl bunting ever, and then tried to fold it up . . .)

That's it.  That's my words of wisdom ***snorts with laughter*** for the day. 

Heed them, my friends.

More Valentine info today at my Altered Pages post.  Happy Thursday to you!  :)


Gio said...

Thank you for your precious hints, Trisha. Never made a bunting, time to start? :-)

trisha too said...

Gio, I can only imagine how gorgeous your bunting creation would be!


Anonymous said...

So adorable!

Barb said...

I forgot to say it might have been me who was doing ATCs last time. Barbxx