Thursday, November 19, 2015

give thanks--an altered spoon

For my share at the Altered Pages Artsociates blog, today, an altered spoon, and a peek at a baseball themed book.  I made the original for my nephew, and now the basic book with instructions and lots of quotes is available in kit form HERE.
Love this photo of Babe Ruth--we've had several Babe Ruth autographed baseballs in our shop over the years, but you have to be careful to get an authentic one, as his secretary was quite adept at forging his signature!

Happy Thursday!


Win Dinn said...

Love that spoon, Trisha - well done. And a terrific Babe Ruth piece!

Michele said...

i checked out your spoon at the altered pages blog -- it is fantastic. i bought some wooden spoons and you've inspired me to give this a try. i also wanted to give a belated "thank you" for the envelope of found goodies you sent me! you are so very kind and rest assured one day a surprise will also come your way. meanwhile please check my blog on november 24 for a little tribute... xoxo