Friday, November 14, 2014

Santa and Oreos and Amazing Mold Putty

Are you familiar with Unruly Paper Arts?  It's an online blogozine full of arty inspiration.  Each month is a new Reader's Art Quest, a creative challenge of sorts, and this month the creative prompt is Santa Claus is Coming To Town:
You are free to choose inspiration from the creative prompt or the colors.  This month, I went with the prompt, and made an ornament:
Santa image from Altered Pages
Not much bigger than an artist's trading card, so it's a good size for an ornament.  And as you can tell, it's VERY sparkly, and will catch the lights from a Christmas tree pretty well, I hope.

There are some great sponsors for the RAQ prizes each month, and this month the randomly drawn winner will receive goodies from Amazing Crafting Products.  I tried some of the Amazing Mold Putty, and found it to be aptly named.

Short Backstory Time:  My first nephew, he was quite small when this commercial came out, and he LOVED it.  He would freeze up and watch it, spellbound, each time it came on, and was fascinated when we would sing him the song:

So I made an Amazing Mold of an Oreo.  The results look so very real, I absolutely love them.
It looks like an Oreo, but it's Sculpey!
This is the Amazing Mold used to form the "cookies"
Adding some trim and jingles = Christmas ornament!
Okay, and I did make some flat backed, lightweight keys, as well--real keys are sometimes too heavy and bulky to add to things like altered books, so it made sense to try and make some from clay:
The models, molds and yellow Sculpey "keys"
Still working on the paint job, but not bad?
You have until the end of November to join in the fun--just link your creative response to the prompt or color inspiration to THIS RAQ POST, and you'll be in the draw for the November goodies from Amazing Craft Products.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 


Dianne said...

Hello Miss Trisha, Guess who has come calling from your past, lol!WOW all your ornaments are just gorgeous, I had a good look at what you have been making, your tree will look spectacular, when I first saw this I thought it was a gift bag,but all that work on the tiny card, well you are a Master creating tiny things, looooove all the sparkle, now that Oreo I just want to bite into it it looks so real, brilliant, love the old rusty keys. It is certainly starting to feel Christmasy around here, that great because I have to get started LOL, its been a pleasure visiting you my dear, and I do get to see what you are posting, now that I'm swimming every morning, there is just never enough time to visit anymore, hope you have a wonderful weekend, ((( BIG HUGS )))

trisha too said...

Yay! Dianne!!! :)

TangledBlueRose said...

Love the Oreo mold! So cool! Your card ornament is so pretty! I bet it will be gorgeous! Happy Holidays!~kim

Julie Ann Lee said...

Do you know, Trisha, I never tasted an Oreo? I know about them, but they are not easily available in the UK! The one you created looks so life-like and I just love those keys too. I love all the glitter you've been sprinkling around and your photos of glittery things are so cool. xxx

Michele said...

you are amazing. the sparkly blue ornament of course is masterful but the fake oreo is crazy cool. you are pretty brilliant. xo

Toni said...

Trisha... this was such a creative idea to use an Oreo cookie... What a darling Christmas ornament !!!! It looks like the real thing .... lol I love it. And the keys are going to look amazing on a future project that I'm sure you'll be creating and sharing with us soon. Wonderful job !

trisha too said...

Okay okay okay, I just want to say that while I really did think of making an Oreo, I wasn't the first one to do so--of course not, right? There's nothing new under the sun!

Anyway, like every internet user, I simply googled it--typed in "making an Oreo out of clay," and voila! Plenty of helpful hints!

JackieP Neal said...

Your ornament is gorgeous Trisha! And look ! We have the same last name! teehee

1CardCreator said...

Wow, these are all lovely. I loved that commercial too, thanks for sharing your molds with us too. ~Diane

Anonymous said...

I am bowled over with this ornament because it is fabulous quirky and all the more amazing for the fact that you actually created that sweet delight ... too fabulous!