Saturday, September 07, 2013

atcs around the world project--can you help?

So I'm working on sending an atc to every country in the world (which explains
all the flat atcs lately, yes?).  If you, my bloggy friend, could help with an address
or two, that would be fabulous--please see the master list HERE.

Here are two of the atcs I plan to mail out--these feature images from Altered 
Pages.  (Unfortunately, they've been lurking about my desk, detached from their
original sheet, and I don't know which pages they came from, and there are SO
many great collage sheets at AP, I can't find them!)

what a soulful expression!

I would totally wear that hat.
 Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


ionabunny said...

Hi Trisha, just popped in from Altered Pages. Good luck with this project. I love the owl. Will have to try and find him. What a fun idea. Hope you get all those addresses soon.

trisha too said...

Thank you--it's a long list, so I don't see this wrapping up any time soon, lol!


2amscrapper said...

ambitious project and great idea!

Dianne said...

Hello Trisha, well you have been on a roll making them, beautifully I might add, loooove the owl, being bird :O), I love your book=let card, and I'll add my name to the list and will gladly send you one back, I've been itching to make a few more, email me at, Canada. I made 36 of them not long ago, I don't own any page's I kind of make mine from scratch.. Hope you have a wonderful creative weekend.. weekend

kattera22 said...

great ATC's! love the owl esp!

Danie May said...

Great ATC's and a great project. Such a big list and I am sure it will keep you busy for a while. I have sent you an email with my addy as I'd love to get a piece of your beautiful art. Are you wanting to collect ones from all over the world too? As I'd be only too happy to send you one in return. Have a great weekend!
Danie xx

Redanne said...

Hi Trisha, I would love to be your UK person, as long as I can send you an ATC in return? My email address is under my profile section on my blog. You have a lot of work ahead of you! Hugs, Anne x

Cazzy said...

Hi Trisha,

Thanks for visiting me, you sound really busy! I have emailed you an address, I hope it helps.

Cazzy x

Tatsi said...

Hello Trisha. Your lovely atc to Finland has arrived. You really got me confused there for a while but then I came here and now it's all clear. Thank you, Sussie, for giving my address to Trisha for this project.

What a wonderful idea of random kindness this is! Will be sending you a card in return for sure!

Have a wonderful week!