Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm afraid!!

Really afraid.


I'm making my niece a car seat cover, and using
real minky. Real fabric. Store bought and
everything, like someone who can really sew!

Usually, everything I sew is made from upcycled,
recycled, rescued--whatever you want to call it--
fabric. Those are all nice words for "fabric
I got really cheap or free, usually clothes or
drapes I cut apart to make something else."

See, "upcycled" is much easier to say . . .

Sooooo, you can maybe see why I'm afraid to
cut into double-digit a yard fabric, using a
pattern I made myself. Yikes.



Terry said...

You go girl! My money (or should I say yours) is on you! Have fun!

Lori said...

Just close your eyes and do it! lol!

Miss Jaster said...

OH but that's beautiful FaBRIC! I'
d be afraid to cut it too!!

Rhonda Langley said...

Sounds petrifying to me-but you can always go get more fabric if something should go wrong. (or cut up your drapes). . .

Cameron said...

Great things come from facing fear! Get everything laid out, measure, measure again....take a gulp....and go for it!!

You'll be showing us pictures of your finished (and fantastic looking, if you do say so yourself)project soon enough :) Can't wait!

Gale said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I get something more expensive to work with (not for sewing, which I really don't do, but for crafts) it sits around forever before I do anything with it.

I wanted invite you to a blog party I'm having to celebrate getting 100 followers at Scribbleprints, and thank you for being one of them!

trisha too said...

Ohhh, fun, Gale! Thanks for the invitation!


Dawn said...

Well loving the fabrics! you can't go wrong with them have fun and show us the results ;0)

Love Dawn xx

Mami Made It said...

Lovely fabrics! Let us see the result!