Thursday, May 13, 2010

tell me a story.

I'm kind of bleah today.

Not cranky, not sad, just


Tell me a story? One with a happy ending, please.


Bleah Day Update:

Here is a happy-ending-story for YOU:

I found cheesecake in the deep freeze.


(Actually, that's more of a happy ending
for ME! :)


bumblebeebags said...

I have a happy ending for ya......I may be getting my bags put in a store! YEAH!!!!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

I hate "bleh" days! Cheesecake would definitely help! And chocolate!

Dawn said...

I know those days I call them (I can't be bothered days) I hate them too

Not a fan of cheese cake, fresh cream cake every time mmmm

Congratulatipons to you BUMBLE xx

Love Dawn xx

Cameron said...

I thought and thought...but I couldn't get the thought of cheesecake out of my head...then that thought led me to my daughter's birthday party on Sunday and the cake I ordered for it....

Chocolate cake with banana and bavarian cream filling....I've been REALLY looking forward to that cake! (It's a Jungle themed party, hence the bananas) So, I guess after all the party planning, cooking and prep...dessert will be my happy ending, too!

Cheers (*as we clink forks*)

Tracy said...

Mmmmmm, cheesecake. I ate it for breakfast most days of the week while pregnant (I wish I were exaggerating)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well, I'm a little late.
I hope your days are much happier now!!!