Thursday, January 28, 2010

started a new mini album

My new kit came from Altered Pages, and I couldn't wait to
dive into all the wonderful papers and ephemera and collage
images and ribbons and--okay, you get the idea!

Here's the cover of the mini album I started. It had a great
collage image in it, but then I started thinking, one of my
own pics would look pretty good in that frame. The photo is
of my Granny and her beau, taken when she was 17, in 1926.
Not to mention, this fit in nicely with the "In The Past"
challenge at The Scrapbook Get Away.
So, now there are two projects to finish--an altered art
style collage album, and a mini photo album for my auntie.

Do you see her Mary Pickford curls? Very stylish. And
showing a little leg there, too!


Susan Stringfellow said...

Oh it's just wonderful! I love the background and the image you chose. I was just working on a background where I stamped paint onto a script patterned paper and it was harlequin too. :)

Sandy said...

Oh wow this is wonderful.
Fantastic design and work. Love them.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. I think the balance may be a little off. Raise your phote frame a little higher and I think it will give you that finished feeling.

trisha too said...

That sounds like a plan, but the frame is around a window--the pic is on the page behind it!

Ah, well. I've always been a little off balance, anyway . . .


Debby said...


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