Wednesday, January 07, 2009

by poplular demand . . .

. . . or at least the demand of one, I will
now post.

Was reading your all's blogs, and lots of
New Year's resolving was going around, which
started me thinking.

(Really actually thinking, I'm not just being
a smarty pants.)

I'm not a big New Year's resolver, but some
things have kind of changed around here, and
some tweaking of schedules and such needed to
be done. Mostly by me.

Better mom/teacher--the whole homeschool
thing needed some revamping. I'm happy to
report that things are going well, and those
involved were ready and, for the most part,
willing to dive in with a renewed spirit and
no complaints about the aforementioned tweaks.

Actually, life is always a work in progress.
Been working on being a better wife for twenty
years now.

(My husband is definitely worth the effort! :)

The Contessa made me realize that I don't have
to be up to my elbows in the art room to be

Creative is something we can be no matter
what we're up to. It's a way of life.
It's what we are.

And all the time, always, trying to know Him more.
How do we ever let that one go?? Look at that
lazy hand, just kind of lolling it's way out
there, while God's finger is decidedly, pointedly,
reaching toward humanity's. Isn't that how it
goes? I can get a little lazy about it, maybe
taking Him for granted, until life smacks me upside
the head with something. Well, again, it's always a
work in progress, but I'm going to try to be
reaching, not just maybe-kind-of-sort-of-thinking
about it.

Don't know if that's where Michelangelo was going
with that one, but there it is.

What have you resolved??
Something big?
Something small?


jennalee said...

can't wait to see you party dresses for the swap.

Tipper said...

I don't usually make resolutions-but I like all of your :)

Contessa Kris said...

You know the Contessa loves ya, right?

I think my resolution to live consciously involves being present. More present as a mom, homeschool teacher, wife. Looking for the places that need changes instead of ignoring them with my head in the sand. More present as a christian, not being lazy in that relationship, as you pointed out. Consciously looking for opportunities to be better, care more, trust in him fully. It's a whole new year...