Monday, May 12, 2008

attracting butterflies

Last summer, we left some watermelon rinds in the compost
bucket by the back door, and in the morning--voila!

A BAZILLION BUTTERFLIES! (and a few flies.)

But there were SO many butterflies, it was easy to overlook
the flies, and we took to leaving our rinds on the deck
table, to make for a better view. These are the close-ups
I tried to take , which turned out okay. We fairly recently
had a flock, or herd, or whatever it is, of monarchs resting
in our trees during their migration--that was amazing.
Have NEVER seen that many butterflies in one place before.

Anyway, over In My Kitchen Garden, there is a
giveaway for a wonderful butterfly book. Which I didn't have to
mention here, but thought you might like to know . . . ;)


Farmgirl Susan said...

How wonderful! : )

Tipper said...

So neat and pretty! I'll have to try it this summer when we have watermelon-which is my favorite!!

Contessa Kris said...

There was a watermelon shell tossed away in a field in a dream I had last night. It's probably because I read your blog this week. I didn't know butterflies like that. I can't wait to experiment and find out! See you tonight.

Kim McCabe said...

How very beautiful! Butterflies are so lovely but in large numbers they're magical!

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Abigail said...

That is so cool. We planted wild flowers for them this year.