Thursday, November 16, 2006

smelly dogs

Our dogs smell. Seriously. They're big,
hairy, smelly, smelly, smelly. Bathing
them is not an option, at least not until
spring. They are country dogs, not well
groomed pretty pooches.

Really, they're big. One weighs more than
I do--142 pounds! I remember when he fit
in the palm of my hand, sweet little puppy!
So cute. Now he's big. And with some
digestive issues, the smellier of the two smellies.
The other, Ralphie, has his moments, but usually it's
after he's rolled in something particularly putrid, or been sprayed
by a skunk. In any case, their large, stinky, dogness has made us
think thrice about investing in new carpet.

Mud+four children+two big dogs+3 cats=new carpet over.

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